Thursday, May 01, 2008

Book Reading/Signing at Barnes & Noble

As I said to the audience Tuesday night at Barnes & Noble, I am living the dream every wanna-be novelist has. To enjoy the warm company of friends at a local bookstore and have a successful book signing. I did just that. Thank you, Jesus!

I started the evening by discussing one of my favorite parts of being a writer--marketing.

Then I read excerpts.
I don't look very happy in this photo, but my heart was singing.

I had a nice group of writers and book lovers who were very kind in giving me their attention.

And look, Robbie's even taking notes, bless her heart.

And then I signed my books!

Look at Darcie (in the red shirt) hamming it up for the camera.

Okay, I have to share the following because it just makes me laugh. Remember that old Elmer Fudd (Warner Bros.) cartoon song, "Kill the Wabbit?"

If you substitute the words, "Eat the chocolate," then you'll see our WFTJ fearless leader, Sharen Watson, singing her heart out. LOL. And she does this at every meeting. :)

"Eat the chocolate!"
"Eat the chocolate!!"

And then her voice gets a little deeper, and she sings, "Eat the chocolate!!!"


Kay said...

Looks like a great time! I would have been there if I hadn't been somewhere else!

heather said...

aka Wagner's opera Ride of the Valkyries

Paula said...

What a wonderful night. I'm so happy for you! Something that also strikes me about this experience is how you always keep giving back--teaching others what you know and inviting them on the journey. Is it any wonder you're so loved?