Friday, February 22, 2008

Where Do You Write?

Hi, friends. I'm sitting in my local Panera Bread, getting down to work. Of course, the first order of business (after this post!) is to get to my critique partner's work. Then on to my stuff.

I meet with a group of local writers on Friday mornings to write--no talking!! And most of the time that's the way it goes.

We had been meeting at a tea cafe, but we've decided to mix it up. Next week we're going to a funky coffee bar, and we plan on visiting the coffee shop of our local Christian store too.

I've found these weekly field trips to be great for my productivity. There's no dog to let in and out of the house, no laundry that's calling to me, no dishes to be done (they'll still be there when I get home), no nothing to think about except writing.

So, where do you go when you want a change of scene to write?

PS: What a treat I got today when I arrived at Panera this morning--my friend Kay was already there, writing away. She's not one of the writers in the group, so it was neat to meet up with her anyway. Write on, Kay!


Kay said...

no talking??
Good to see you, Megan!

D. Gudger said...

I yearn to escape somewhere I can write undisturbed for more than two minutes. But, my desktop would be cumbersome to drag along. For now I'm tethered to the wall in my living room surrounded by Tonka trucks, toy drums, Matchbox cars and cat yak.