Tuesday, November 06, 2007

The Stinkers

Aren't your friends supposed to support your writing efforts? Pictured are Sharen and Tonya trying to make me feel guilty for not joining them. They look slightly evil, don't they?

This morning was my weekly Words For The Journey meeting. I wasn’t going to go, and last night I sent an email to Sharen, telling her that I need to stay home and write. Her reply to me was so convincing (read: she’s a master at pouring on the guilt), that I ended up going to this morning’s meeting.

“I’ll go on one condition.” I told her. “That no one will try to force me to go out to lunch or coffee after the meeting.” She promised that she would run interference for me. And she needed to.

Jan tried to guilt me into going to lunch with the girls, but I was strong and came home to write thousands of words.

Oh, and Jan and Danica? Candy? Really? You think you can get me to give up my principles for a little chocolate kiss?

So I’m the big party pooper—again. Everyone else went out to lunch. They’re sending me emails via BlackBerry with photos of themselves having fun and trying to make me feel guilty for blowing them off BECAUSE I NEED TO FINISH WRITING the book that Tyndale’s contracted.

But, being the good writer I am, I’m home pounding the keys. (Except for this little blog post).

My friends are so naughty. But I still love them.


Jan Parrish said...

Sharen and Tonya look like they are up to no good. In comparison, Danica and I look slightly angelic don't you think? LOL>

Sharen said...

Oh brother...It's always the innocent looking ones you have to watch out for! If the angelic halo fits... :-)

Angie Poole said...

Stay strong, girlfriend!

tonya said...

I am so sorry that you missed today, Megan. Really I am. There is a story to that picture, but I can't go into details, at least not online. :) So we will have to go to coffee sometime soon and then we too, can be up to no good. LOL!! But really, we missed you!

Danica/Dream said...

The angelic halo definitely fits.

Megan, just think of it as our little way to include you since you couldn't be with us. ;)