Friday, June 29, 2007

The Oak Leaves

Wow. I just finished reading The Oak Leaves by Maureen Lang. (At least now I can get back to my writing.)

Maureen is a gifted storyteller who seamlessly weaves the stories of two women, one from the 19th century and one living in the 21st century, into one novel. Talie Ingram finds the journal of Cosima Escott, her great-great-great grandmother. Talie begins to read the journal, thinking it will be an interesting diversion, but instead finds herself discovering a shocking family secret that could have implication for her life.

The Oak Leaves is a wonderful love story, showing us that the depth of God’s love is stronger than fear. Do yourself a favor, read this book. The Oak Leaves is one of those books that doesn’t let you put it down until it’s finished. And when you’re finished, you’re satisfied.

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tonya said...

Megan,you do such a great job on book reviews. Everyone you have done, I want to read. :)