Thursday, January 08, 2015

Forgiveness is possible

I saw this quote and knew I had to share it. What I want you to realize is that forgiveness is possible. Truly. And once you reach that place, you're the one who benefits.

Finally, after nearly 20 years, I'm able to admit to the pain I suffered when people I had loved and trusted no longer wanted me in their lives. 

For a long time it was my secret. I feared others would look at me and find me unlovable as well. Disposable. 

It took me nearly a dozen years to realize their treatment of me spoke to their character, not mine. 

As I've admitted before, I knew it was my duty to forgive, so I became a serial forgiver. Forgiveness was not a once-and-done experience. I had to continually forgive those who had hurt me. Each time I chose to forgive, it cost me. I had to give up, little by little, the desire for an apology and the longing to have my reputation restored.

Finally, I feel that debt is fulfilled. My forgiveness no longer costs me pain. There's no lingering shame or ache when those people come to mind. My eyes no long sting with unwanted tears. Well, maybe just a little. 

Many years ago I gave that pain to God. He knew what betrayal felt like. He understood. But it took me years and years to come to grips with it all. And if I did it, so can you. 

I pray you have a fully forgiving heart in 2015. Isn't it about time? 

Forgive, and set yourself free!


Pia Thompson said...

Thanks Megan. I agree. Forgiveness is hard but so freeing. I was so hurt this past year, and feared becoming a bitter woman because of it, and unfit to serve God anymore. I learned forgiveness is about the offended not the offender. I may never hear an apology or have all the wrongs righted. It doesn't make what they did right, but by forgiving them, it just means I choose not to bring it with me into my future. By the way, you are lovable.

Megan DiMaria said...

I'm sorry for your pain, Pia. You're absolutely right, "forgiveness is about the offended not the offender." Excellent way to put it.

Thanks for your sweet words. You're lovable too!!