Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Choices, consequences, and the wonderful!

I'm feeling so very grateful for my blessings. I hope you are too!
This Christmas season we will not be celebrating out of abundance, but with a budget in mind. I'm certain that many, if not most, do that yearly. This Christmas will be more simple, and for that I'm grateful. We won't be passing out as many "things," but the things we've bought have been considered more thoughtfully. 

Actually, "things" have become secondary. Perhaps this is an extension of aging, maturing, growing wiser. Things are stuff you can do without. It's the people, the relationships that are the treasures. 

I can't think of my most treasured relationships without putting God at the top of the list--this time of year and everyday. What about you? Do you believe in God? If so, do you serve Him? Shouldn't you have some kind of response to acknowledging an all-powerful God? When I wrestled with that thought (36 years ago!) I came to a decision that changed the course of my life.

That decision changed everything. I get a lump in my throat thinking about how blessed I've been for the choice I've made. My kids have grown, and had I not raised them to honor God, I would never have known the joy of having my children pray for me when I've gone through difficulties. I would never know the joy of hearing simple prayers come from the heart of my three-year-old granddaughter. That's blessing! 

A few weeks ago, a friend shared the quote, "It's a wonderful mystery how God lets you create your favorite people in the world." That thought stirred my heart, and I've taken it a step further. It's a wonderful mystery how God has allowed me to create this beautiful life--with joys, hardship, challenges, and through it all, an amazing sense of peace knowing that He's right there with me. 

My Christmas wish for you is that you treasure the right things. Relationships, and the most important relationship of all, one with Jesus who waits eagerly for you to invite Him to share your life -- and eternity. 

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