Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Happy Left Handers Day!

Yes, I'm a southpaw. I'm grateful that when I started school in the 1960s teachers no longer forced you to adapt to writing with your right hand. I have enough issues to deal with without adding that.

Being left handed has never seemed much of a problem to me because I truly have mixed dominance and use my right hand for certain tasks. I iron with my right hand, and I use right-handed scissors.

Being a writer I've played with the idea of writing some mysterious scene that someone figures out something that happened could only be done by a left-handed person. I've never fully fleshed it out, but it's fun to play what if.

Anyway, I ran across a fun website for left handers where you can "celebrate your right to be left handed."

Whether your right- or left-handed, have a blessed day, friends.

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