Thursday, April 04, 2013

What famous author do you write like?

A couple years ago, I posted a link to an online quiz about what type of writer you should be.It's a fun short quiz. My answer was screenwriter.That tickled me because I think novels should run through your mind like a movie and also because I'm going to turn Searching for Spice into a screenplay. Well, I'm going to make a good try at doing it.

Anyway, here's another fun quiz that tells you which famous writer you write like. I took the quiz a few times with different excerpts, but you can also use a blog post, journal entry, or comment.

Here are the results when I used my current wip:
  • Margaret Mitchell
  • James Joyce
  • Anne Rice
  • Kirk Vonnegut
Here's the results with my completed Lady in the Locket:
  • James Joyce (again!)
  • K.J. Rowling
  • Douglas Adams
According the quiz, my text from Searching for Spice resembled the work of:
  • David Foster Wallace
  • Chuck Palahniuk
  • Charles Dickens (go figure!)
Have fun, and tell me what famous author you write like!

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