Thursday, November 15, 2012

A new release: Madily in Love

My guest today is author Lynda Schab. I had the honor of endorsing Lynda's debut novel, Mind over Madi, and now she's got another book releasing.

Lynda's latest book, Madily in Love is the second in a 3-book series, and is a lighthearted, fun read about reconnecting with your husband. Madi McCall is just coming out of a marital rough patch (you’ll have to read Mind over Madi for that whole story) and she’s trying to get her marriage back on track. But that’s easier said than done, especially because her mother-in-law has moved in, Madi’s recently started working again after years of being a stay-at-home-mom, and her kids seem determined to do everything they can to turn her hair even grayer than it already is. Madi attends a Revitalize Your Marriage with Romance class at church and gets some great tips…that fail miserably. All she wants is some peace among the chaos. And some quality time with her husband would be nice, too.

Although this book has to do with the importance (and fun) of adding romance to marriage, the main thing I hope readers can take away is that even though life seems unmanageable, disorderly, and chaotic, God is always in control. One of the recurring phrases throughout the book—as mentioned by Madi’s counselor—is “Embrace this place.” In other words, no matter what you’re going through, recognize that it won’t last forever. And down the road, you might just look back and see just how that “unbearable” season was essential in moving you to a place of growth and necessary change.

Lynda, how much of yourself you write into your characters? Well, let’s put it this way. Madi is addicted to chocolate, computer games, and coffee. Her insecurities often get the best of her, and she regularly battles feeling overwhelmed and stressed out. So the answer to your question is WAY too much! 

Tell us what kind of books you enjoy reading. While I’m not a fan of science fiction, fantasy, or historical, I have been known to get sucked into a good story in those genres. My favorite genre to read is mystery/suspense. And, of course, humorous women’s fiction is also at the top of the list.

What is your favorite food? Believe it or not, it isn’t chocolate! Ice cream is my ultimate weakness, most specifically vanilla loaded with Hershey’s syrup and topped with milk (try it, you’ll love it!) I try not to keep ice cream in the house because of its overwhelming magnetic pull, but my husband works for a dairy company! Much to my dismay, half-gallons are always appearing in our freezer. I just try to get him to bring home flavors I don’t like as much. Unfortunately, there aren’t many!

How can readers find your book on the Internet? I have a website and a blog, where I offer signed copies of my book at a discount. You can also order it directly from my publisher’s website or Facebook store. My books are also available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble,, and other online bookstores. I also want to add that I love to connect with readers on Facebook, where I have an Author Page and on Twitter. Oh…and look me up on Goodreads, too!

Lynda Lee Schab got her writing start in greeting cards (Blue Mountain Arts, Dayspring) and from there went on to write articles and short stories (Mature Living, Christian Home & School) and in many places online (including Examiner  and WOW! Women on Writing. As a freelance writer, she works behind the scenes at FaithWriters, and is a regular book reviewer for Faithful Reader. She is also the Grand Rapids Christian Fiction Examiner and the National Writing Examiner for and a staff writer for Shared SorrowsMind Over Madi placed second in the 2008 ACFW Genesis contest, chick lit category, received a highly commended award in the FaithWriters Page Turner contest, and was a finalist in the 2007 RWA Get your Stiletto in the Door contest. Madily in Love was a semi-finalist in the 2011 ACFW Genesis contest. Lynda lives with her husband, Rob, and two teenagers in Michigan.


Lynda Lee Schab said...

Thanks so much for hosting me, Megan, and for your endorsement of my series! :-)

Megan DiMaria said...

My pleasure!