Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Inspire Your Creativity

There are many reasons why a writer’s creativity gets blocked, but there are also many strategies to get unstuck. Here are the last few on my list to help you get your creative juices flowing again.
1. Talk to other writers.
• A kindred spirit can soothe your troubled mind.
2. Try to write in a different place.
• Sometimes a small change of scenery can help you overcome a block.
• Leave your laptop at home and write with a pen and notebook.
• I've had a productive writing session at Grease Monkey while waiting for my car to be serviced.
3. Do some cluster writing.
• Choose key words and ideas, then write associated ideas and words in clusters around them. This process may help you form new ideas.
4. Follow a routine to get into the writing mood.
• Enjoy a cup of tea or coffee.
• Listen to CDs.
• Light a scented candle
5. Write out of sequence.
• If you’re having trouble with a transition paragraph, put a marker where you are and write the next section.
• If you have a scene or section idea, write it now, and insert it at a later date when your project “catches up” to the scene. I love to do this. When it comes time to insert the scene into the story, it’s like being given a bonus scene.
Eliminate "writer's block" from your vocabulary. Best-selling author Angela Hunt once told me, "You never heard of a plumber having plumber's block, did you?" Uh, no. So maybe the best thing to do is to press on and not even accept the term writer's blog.
The photo is of my newly painted Adirondack chair tucked in my perennial garden. This is a favorite spot of mine to read and to write. I put a lap desk across the arms of the chair, and if my laptop is charged up, I'm good to go!
What ideas do you have to rev up your creativity?


Marney McNall said...

These are great ideas, Megan. Thanks.

Megan DiMaria said...

Thanks for stopping by, Marney!