Thursday, May 10, 2012

Inspired by Nature

The photo on the left is a few of the branches on the shrub alongside my lounge chair where I work outside in the warmer months. It's called a burning bush, and in the autumn the leaves turn a beautiful shade of scarlet.

In the spring there are clusters of these beautiful little pale green blossoms. When I see them, and they're so tiny and perfect, I think of little fairy flowers.

This makes me happy because while I'm writing one book, I'm marinating the next one in my busy little brain -- and my next book will feature house fairies. I can imagine them picking these small clusters of flowers in their tiny fairy hands.

But alas, I'm still finishing my time travel novel, so now I'll get back to work.

Do you also see a nature scene and let your imagination fly too?


sue harrison said...

I do, Megan. One of my best ways to get inspired is to walk and pray and look at the beauty of nature around me. I'm sure God designed the natural beauties of this world to tell us that he loves us.

Megan DiMaria said...

Thanks for joining the conversation, Sue. I find nature refreshing too.