Thursday, July 14, 2011

Crime Scene Investigation

The other day while walking through my neighborhood, I saw that a nearby house had some beautiful daisies blooming. It made me think that my daisies should be flowering too.

When I arrived home I took a look. There are usually about 15 or so stems in my plant, so when I saw only a few long stems about to bud I knew something was wrong.

Something has been gnawing at my daisies! Most of the stems had been chewed off about a foot off the ground. Can you see the damage?

Many of my neighbors complain about the bunnies roaming our subdivision as though they're enjoying the all-you-can-eat flower buffet. (Note: 17 years ago when we moved here there were no bunnies--but there were plenty of coyotes.) But I have a fenced yard and a Jack Russell Terrier. Any bunny who dares to slip under my fence has got to be one dumb bunny. I can't recall seeing any in my yard.

But I think I've determined who the culprit is. It's those crazy squirrels that have been walking the fence around the perimeter of my yard. Here I thought they were innocent little woodland critters happily living their lives. But apparently they were just casing my yard out for a banquet of daisies.

And then these criminal squirrels have the gall to leave some stems laying about as if to taunt me!
And the next time my little dog barks are the furry squirrel, I won't be reining her in.

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Jackie said...

We have neighbors with pet bunnies, who continually escape and we catch in our garden frequently. My dog barks from the deck and they aren't the least bit scared. I'd hate it though if they destroyed my daisies. Right now squirrels aren't a problem. I live in an area that I guess used to be a cow pasture. Hardly any trees in sight.