Tuesday, April 12, 2011

2011 ACFW Colorado Writers’ Retreat

I had been looking forward to this year’s writers’ retreat for months, longing for some spiritual refreshment and encouragement on my writing journey.

The retreat was held last weekend, and it was wonderful. The speaker throughout the event was Cec Murphy, an all-around good guy and author of 150+ books.

Cec used his book Knowing God Knowing Myself as a springboard for instruction and discussion. It’s a great book, and I continued to read it after I returned home.

We discussed our significance as both people and authors.

I expected to have an easy, relaxing retreat, feeding from nuggets of wisdom that were easy-to-digest, low-hanging fruit. Instead I got a generous portion of truth and encouragement that was sometimes difficult to swallow. It was a weekend with both tears and laughter.

Some jewels we received:

*What we do doesn’t determine our value. What we are determines our value.

*To find your author’s voice you need to discover who you are.

*Writing gives readers access to your private world. (That’s a scary truth.)

*Where’s nothing wrong with being who you are.

*God uses both our strengths and weaknesses.

*You are more important than what you do or don’t do. (I really needed to hear this!)


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Paulette Harris said...

I loved your post Megan. I was so nice to see you there. I wished the retreat had gone on longer. It was full of "good stuff".

Thanks for posting this morning because I didn't get a couple of these jewels on paper.

Hugs in Christ,
Paulette L. Harris