Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Write Away Field Trip

Today I joined my Words For The Journey writing friends on our 3rd annual Write Away Field Trip to the beautiful Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado Springs.

It's a beautiful resort, and they are very welcoming to the dozen or so writers who take up residence on the patio and in the mezzanine to write for the day.

We all -- well, most of us -- spent the time there productively writing our novels, article, and non-fiction books. The sound of our keyboards clacking away was music to a writer's ears.

Above is Lucille, Kay, and Diane. This is the cool table. You can tell by the serious, writerly look on Robbie's face. From left to right: Michele, Heather, yours truly, and Robbie. And here's the social table with Denise and Jan. They were the chatty girls.
This is our 2009 group photo, but unfortunately it didn't occur to us to take the photo until after some of the ladies had gone home. Sorry, girls.


Jenny said...

What a cool idea! May have to steal it for our group though we'd have to do it probably in January when we'd be less likely to have our brains baked by the Arizona sun :-) Maybe you could come down and get us started?

Megan DiMaria said...

Oh, Jenny, I'd love to come.

Jenny said...

Cool! We will have to plan something!