Friday, January 16, 2009

Sunshine, Tea, and Plotting

I tried to keep my nose to the grindstone today, but the temperature in Colorado rose to 63 degrees where I live.

Jan twisted my arm to join her for tea at Starbucks. Yes, tea. They've got some kind of new tea specialty. It was okay.Anyway, we took the opportunity to bounce around plot/scene ideas for our novels. The people nearby were only nervous when we talked about killing our characters.


Dawn said...

First of all, It amazes me that weather can be so different here in the great United States. Yesterday our high was 9 degrees and our low was -20. I am kind of enjoying being holed up in my home though. :-)

Second of all, I would have given anything to see the people nearby as you talked about killing characters. You could really mess with people that way. LOL!

Jan Parrish said...

Crazy, fun day, though I'm not a big fan of this photo or the tea latte's. The company was excellent, but I think in the future I will have to stick to my Cinnamon Dulce latte.

Anonymous said...

NICE!! I love hashing out plot ideas like that. It's so fun!

Yes, here in AZ, our weather person said it was 100 degree difference between Here and Minnesota. I mean, can you believe that? We were 44 in the morning and Duluth was -44. CRAZINESS, I tell ya! **smile**

I can only imagine what people were thinking hearing you talk about your characters' demise! I can just picture it. LOL

tonya said...

I wish I would have been there! I miss seeing you!