Saturday, November 22, 2008

T - Day countdown!

Thanksgiving is less than a week away. Can you believe it? It’s the beginning of holiday season 2008!

It’s such a busy time of year, and in many ways that’s too bad. The holidays are rush, rush, rush. I would like to invite you to take a moment to relax and reflect.

Life, in all its magnificence, is swirling and pulsing onward. Are you caught up in the whirlwind or are you enjoying the little moments, small accomplishments, brief conversations, stolen kisses, and joyful grins that come your way?

Take a moment to b-r-e-a-t-h-e, and thank God for the year you've enjoyed.

Next week is Thanksgiving. This year I challenge you to remember it’s the holiday that all you need to bring is your presence, your gratitude, and your love for friends and family. You don't have to trek through stores and shopping malls searching out the latest and greatest gadget to impress anyone, like we do for Christmas. 

This Thanksgiving give a piece of your heart to those you hold dear. Be deliberate, and thank someone for being a part of your life with a thoughtful reason for your gratitude. And once you catch on to that line of thought, please carry it through to the end of the year.

Don’t let this be the beginning of a hectic holiday season. Let this be the beginning of your best holiday season.

In other news: I had a great time at Mardel today where I signed copies of Searching for Spice and Out of Her Hands. I met some book lovers and had the opportunity to be on the air with Radio 910 AM. It was also fun to meet someone who stumbled across my blog and came out to meet me. (Waving at Cyndi!!)

My camera is on the fritz, but some folks who were at Mardel promised to email photos. I'll post when I get them.

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Jan Parrish said...

Wonderful reminder to enjoy the season!