Sunday, May 20, 2007


I just returned home from the Colorado Christian Writers Conference in Estes Park, Colorado. If you ever have the opportunity to attend this conference, jump on it. Marlene Bagnull hosts a wonderful learning and networking event.

I had an amazing time. On my way to the mountains, I stopped at DIA to pick up author Angie Hunt to drive her to the conference. Angie’s been an inspiration to me for years, and has taught me at three different conferences. I jokingly say I’m a “Nangie U” graduate. The other half of Nangie is the delightful Nancy Rue. Both of these talented, gracious ladies have impacted my career in many positive ways. Angie surprised me with a gift to celebrate getting my book contract—a Levenger notepad. According to Angie, all writers should have something from Levenger. That’s the notepad in the photo.

The best part of the conference was getting to spend time with the lovely Jan Stob, my editor at Tyndale House. What a awesome time we had together.
The first thing I did when I arrived was go to the early bird workshop that Kathy Kovach and Paula Moldenhauer presented. They were great, and as an added bonus they performed a musical rendition of Ebony and Ivory with the words changed to Humor and Holiness. Even more, it was choreographed!! Priceless. We should have those girls perform more often.
It was wonderful to spend time with fellow writers, especially my CCWC roomies, Bonnie Doran and Lynette Horner. The Friday night ACFW meeting was awesome, and it was a pleasure to meet some new folks.
I attended a fiction clinic led by Dave Lambert and a continuing session about marketing presented by Teresa Evenson. Both were fantastic


D. Gudger said...

Hey Megan, I enjoyed meeting you at CCWC! Thought I'd drop by and say "hi"

Kay said...

I'm glad you had a good time. I am lookiing forward to attending next year!

D. Gudger said...

Megan, I'm tagging you! (Paula tagged me)

Anonymous said...

I'm STILL jealous :)